LEGO Ship in a Bottle

This is a very cool creation. It is a LEGO ship in a bottle! I took me two days to put the ship in the bottle. You will need a lot of patience to work on this project. There was also a LOT of mistakes. One time I was almost done with putting the ship in the bottle but the string made the whole thing collapse and then it looked like a ship that was abandoned. Thanks a lot string.>:( But I got it done eventually. :)

Enjoy my tutorial video on how to build a LEGO Ship in a Bottle:

If you like the ship from the video above, you can learn to how make it by following these easy steps in my other video:

LEGO Pirate Ship & Bottle

LEGO Pirate Ship & Bottle

LEGO Pirate Ship - Bricks Needed

LEGO Pirate Ship – Bricks Needed

Brian (-:

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