LEGO Tow Truck

This is my first animated video! In this video you will see a LEGO tow truck building itself! Just kidding! It’s ANIMATED right? The tow truck has 227 pieces and it is in the LEGO CITY collection. This video took me a long time to make because I had to move a piece of the tow truck a little bit and then move it a little more then move another piece. The tow truck has so many pieces that when I made this video the camera ran out of battery. Not only it ran out battery, the battery was full at the start!

Check out my self-building LEGO Tow Truck video:

lego tow truck side profile

LEGO Tow Truck #60056

lego tow truck back

LEGO Tow Truck – Back Side

lego tow truck frontal view

LEGO Tow Truck Front with Driver

lego tow truck front side

LEGO Tow Truck – Side View

lego tow truck driver closeup

LEGO Tow Truck

Let me know what you think of my video!
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