LEGO Technic Monster Truck

This is a really cool LEGO technic monster truck. It is my own creation. The monster truck has four-wheel drive and “natural suspension”. That means when I built the truck I didn’t put suspension in the truck but when I was finished I pushed the truck to the ground and it automatically sprang back up. The monster truck is based on a LEGO technic monster truck set I saw in a LEGO catalog. The set number is 42005. The set has 329 pieces but my truck has about 220 pieces. In the video of my LEGO monster truck look at the first part, the technic pieces are all spinning and mumbo-jumbling around until they put themselves together and connect to the wheels.

lego technic monster truck side front

LEGO Technic Monster Truck – Side Front

lego technic monster truck front

LEGO Technic Monster Truck – Front View

lego technic monster truck back

LEGO Technic Monster Truck – Back Side

lego technic monster truck side view

LEGO Technic Monster Truck – Side View

Remember that in the video description I said that if you look closely at the video you could build the truck without a tutorial. Well if I were you, I would not be able to build it because the video was too fast. Maybe you can pause it when you’re building it.

I hope you enjoyed the video!

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