LEGO Friends Bunny’s Hutch

This is a really cute LEGO bunny hutch set! My younger sister owns the bunny hutch and she is very proud of it. This video took a long time for my sister to make because she had to move each piece a little bit each time. My sister says her favorite part of the hutch is the cute grey bunny with a blue bow on her head. See if you notice a funny thing that the bunny does at the end of our video:

lego cute bunny's hutch

LEGO Bunny’s Hutch – Bunny Closeup

lego bunnys hutch top view

LEGO Bunny’s Hutch – Top View

LEGO Bunny's Hutch - Top View

LEGO Bunny’s Hutch – Top View

LEGO Bunny's Hutch - Side View

LEGO Bunny’s Hutch – Side View

LEGO Friends Bunny's Hutch - Set #41022

LEGO Friends Bunny’s Hutch – Set #41022

Enjoy! (:

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