K’Nex Rainbow Loom – MOC

Did you know I also have K’NEX? I have a lot of them. I almost have more K’NEX then Legos. So anyway, today I will be showing you how to make a single bracelet on my K’NEX Rainbow Loom. Also my sister will my show you how to make a single with the regular Rainbow loom. GREAT NEWS! A video is coming up on how to build the K’NEX loom so you don’t have to use money on buying the real loom. Also the K’NEX loom has grooves in the pegs so the rubber bands don’t go flying off the loom. SOME OTHER PHENOMENAL NEWS! In the place were you write comments you can tell me what to build and I’ll build it.

Check out the video:

K'Nex Rainbow Loom & Rainbow Loom Comparison

K’Nex Rainbow Loom & Rainbow Loom Comparison

K'Nex Rainbow Loom Side Profile

K’Nex Rainbow Loom Side Profile

K'Nex Rainbow Loom Closeup

K’Nex Rainbow Loom Closeup

My MOC K'Nex Rainbow Loom

My MOC K’Nex Rainbow Loom

Have fun looming!
Brian (-:

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