How to Build LEGO Eden World Builder Nergle – Part 1

I made these LEGO Eden creatures because they are fun to play with. Some characters have three eyes, two eyes, or one eye. These are fun to make and only require a few pieces. Eden is a very fun game and it is almost the same as Minecraft. I made the red character because on the ipad game Eden he is very funny.

Here is a simple way to make a LEGO Eden Creature Nergle:

eden world nergle ego pieces

LEGO pieces to make Eden World Builder Nergle

eden world nergle moof

LEGO Nergle and Moof

eden world nergle moof side

LEGO Nergle and Moof side profile

eden world creatures

LEGO Eden World Builder Creatures – Nergle & Moof

See part 2 here for how to build Moof.

Good luck building!

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